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Share Your Story

Take a moment and allow me to hold space for you.
You; the curious, the thoughtful, the challenging.
Allow me to capture a story of yours in a uniquely personal
Adornment to accompany you on your journey ahead.


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Share your story!

This can be a memory, a thought, a reminder for the future. This can be for yourself or someone else.

Long or short.

Fill out

Fill out my custom

order form.

Here you will specify certain preferences & your budget.


We will process the order.

Then allow up to two weeks for me to design and create your custom piece.


Enjoy your uniquely personal one of a kind Adornment.


This process is unique in that you won't see the final design
until it is already in your hands. If you are someone who loves surprises
or you want to see yourself through
someone else's eyes, this is for you!

Love the idea?

Not into the surprise factor?

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